Monday, December 26, 2011


Well I decided to start this blog after being in total awe of the terrible dance music and the state of contemporary music in general. I just want to show people music that is not made in the cookie-cutter and corporate fashion that plagues the music industry today. A lot of this blog will consist of hedonistic dance music of the 70's up until today but I will not limit myself to just that. So stick around and see if anything I post is your cup of tea, there really is only one way to find out.

I think it would be proper to post a few songs by the band that inspired the title of this blog, and it is a song by the German group called Kraftwerk.

Song: Elektro Kardiogramm
Album: Tour De France 

Song: Expo 2000
Album: Expo 2000 

 Song: The Hall of Mirrors
Album: Trans-Europe Express

Kraftwerk formed in 1970 where they became famous for being pioneers of electronic music (There were some earlier ones but more on that another day) where they built some of their instruments for themselves and would be the first to record a fully digital album. Kraftwerk is already an immensely popular band because of the way that they innovated music with their electronic style which is a staple in today's music (but really isn't made as well as it used to be).


  1. Fuck yeah, I love Kraftwerk. Gimme some of that Zombienation

  2. Great selection of songs! Followed!

  3. kraftwerk, the fathers of electronic music. very good taste, sir

  4. Have you seen Bill Baileys's homage to Kraftwerk, entitled "Das Hokey Kokey" from the Part Troll tour? Its well worth checking out! :)