Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Haack Attack

 (Sorry for the late post everyone, I was busy yesterday and couldn't finish my post, so here it is)

Today I want to show you all the real father of electronic music, or someone who started before Kraftwerk. It was one man and his name was Bruce Haack (very fitting name). He had been working on electronic music equipment since the 60's and had built his own synthesizers and other equipment. He made quite a bit of music in his time and tried to get the public interested in electronic music by going on television shows and touring around. Haack would never sell his synthesizers or other equipment and thus was never given the credit for it. Here's a few tracks by the genius that is Bruce Haack:

Song: Party Machine
Album: Haackula
This version is edited down, the real one is much longer but it doesn't exist on youtube.

Song: Program Me
Album: Electric Lucifer

Song: Electric To Me Turn
Album: Electric Lucifer

Song: Stand Up Lazarus
Album: Electric Lucifer Book Two

Bruce Haack had an interesting beginning because of his ability to play anything on the piano from memory and experimented with peyote with Native Americans. Before he had been making albums, he had made children's music along with Esther Nelson. From there on he composed his album The Electric Lucifer which was an album where Heaven and Hell were having a battle and Earth being caught in the middle of it. He would go on to make quite a few more albums but would never gain in popularity. His contribution to electronic music was astounding but he wouldn't go down in history with the likes of Kraftwerk. So let's give this man the credit he deserves, tune in!


  1. greeeat post amazing blog =)

  2. I have no memory of hearing his name, but when I listened to some of these tracks, they sound familiar. I've either heard him, or I've heard his influence in the musicians that came after him.

  3. sounds nice... very kraftwerk-like. going to download some songs

  4. Sounds very good.

  5. That's really cool tbh, don't know a lot about this type of music but it sounds pretty good!

  6. Good songs! Is that Mr. Rogers next to that guy in the last video?!